July 11, 2019
how to show confident

Every person sometimes feels frustrated that is reflected by his face and appearance .In this way; anyone can think of you as a looser. But You have the ability to do something or you do good. keep in mind some things while talking to strangers. Show up your confidence .

Watch: The watch is now all set to be optional or canceled, but it is
very helpful that can enhance your beauty.And it is worth your
time to explain the people in front of you.

Mobile: Mobile does not have to be very expensive. But a beautiful 
           mobile must be with you. You can say how it can help, if you
           spend a lot of money to buy a mobile that is so big that it is
           difficult to carry on your own.And the display is broken, but 
            you have no problem in using that but people in front of you 
           would get a bad impression.

  Shoes: We spend so much on buying clothes but sometimes we don*t pay 
             attention to our shoes. But notice that in the first view of a
             man, we can see him in two or three seconds we check him out and
             the first thing we see is the shoe. So be careful about shoes.
             It is about the first impression.

   Question and Answer: Someone is saying something to you but you are listening
                        that. Not responding or asking anything. Try to understand
                        the thing.And ask for reasonable questions

   Dress: When talking to someone, you must wear clean clothes by understanding 
               the environment. That will help to increase your self-confidence.

    Ornament: Wear ornaments that go perfect according to the occasion. Which carries
                 your sentiment and confidence.

If you follow the above mentioned facts,not entirely in part , it is a partial expression of confidence in your face .

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