Why Most BACKLINK Fail

July 13, 2019
good quality backlink

Backlinks are the external links from different websites pointing
to your website but all backlinks are not same, some are important
good quality backlink while others are bad quality. Generally two
types of backlinks
Do follow Backlinks
No follow Backlinks

No follow Backlinks: This link do not help your site to come in rank
at first .The nofollow backlinks increase
only the traffic to your site and does not increase
your page rank in search engine . But its also helpful your targeted customer at social media . So do not avoid it fully make some no follow backlink too .

                  structure :

               <a href=”http://website name/” rel=”nofollow”>link text</a>

                  maximum social link are no follow backlink. like as facebook,twitter etc.

Do follow Backlinks: Its help your site come to rank at first. This is the type
of backlinks which increase page rank and also increase traffic
to your site .


                   <a href=”http://website name/”>link text</a>

                   your all link are do follow link .its do not need to creat.

If your site have 100 no follow Good quality backlink but do follow link only 2 its better then 100 link .

you can check backlink from::
2.Good quality do follow (free)

Do follow Do follow Backlinks are 2 type::::
1. Good quality do follow

                   2. Bad quality do follow 

Good quality do follow backlinks:: when your site link come from high DA ,PR domain
its good quality backlink.but when you creat it keep
mind that its comes from your NICHE realted domain.
If they are related to your website topic but are not
of high quality they won’t do you any harm but they won’t
do you much good either. If they are unrelated to your
site content they may well damage your site credibility

                            For your help i give some site name where you create good quality backlink::

                             3.  edu site
                             4. govt site
                             so many site that provide good quality backlink
                             if you want more comment.

Bad quality do follow backlinks:: when your site backlink come from low DA ,PR do its bad quality backlink.if you link in high DA,PR site but its not your NICHE related it will bad quality backlink.

                example:: your NICHE is fishing your backlink come 
                      from seo related site its will bad quality backlink

In this post i hope you get basic knowledge about backlink and get idea how to create it. If you are beginner read my on page seo tactics article .

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