Winning Tactics For ON PAGE SEO

August 7, 2019
On Page SEO

If you follow that tactics on page seo for your site, it must be friendly your site with search engine .Now a days for ranking your site on-page -seo is more important factor .Without on-page-seo you can go at top in rank but its never stable .I ensure after reading this winning tactics for on-page-seo you will helpful.

Title optimization

Google is all about ‘user experience’ and ‘visitor satisfaction’ in 2019
so it’s worth remembering that usability studies have shown that a good
page title length is about seven or eight words long and fewer than 64
total characters. Longer titles are less scan-able in bookmark lists, and
might not display correctly in many browsers (and of course probably will
be truncated in SERPs).
My personal opinion about title optimization , if you want you can follow that your on page seo title optimization perfect.

  1. 50-60 characters/pix:460 : Your title must less then 64 word.
  2. put your main keyword: If you write about dog then your title use dog food , dog shelter , my pet animal dog etc
  3. Avoid keyword staffing : Do not use one word 2/3 time at title . like as dog my pet animal dog food, on page seo 2019 seo rule.
  4. Meaningful
  5. Unique title : before using a title search its already use or not .
  6. In title use “|” for separating : its so much important for seo.

Image Optimization:

The main reason why it’s so important to optimize your images is because 90% of most websites are graphics dependent and therefore there are a lot of image files. Leaving these images uncompressed and in the wrong format can drastically slow down your web page load times.

*****Choose the Right File Format :

Before you start modifying your images, make sure you’ve chosen the best file
type. There are several types of files you can use:

1.PNG – produces higher quality images, but also has a larger file size. Was created
as a lossless image format, although it can also be lossy.
2.JPEG – uses lossy and lossless optimization. You can adjust the quality level for a
good balance of quality and file size.
3.GIF – only uses 256 colors. It’s the best choice for animated images. It only uses
lossless compression.
Personally i recommend to use PNG. In without change any quality of your
picture you can change format.

Your image should be :

  1. . Unique :Before upload a picture for your site check its already in search engine or not.
  2. Eye catch : At first looks people like it .
  3. Relevant
  4. Content focus: if you write about dog your picture must be dog or there related use picture.

You can free stock image from: : free download image here free download image here free download image here

After download image in your site:
change properties before publish it
1.title text : Image upload that subject
2.Alter text : If you give image name its good . But here do not use”-“. just use space.
example your image name on-page-seo in alter text use on page seo.mage Optimization Plugins You Can Use


* You don’t have to do all of the formatting or compression by hand. You can use plugins to do at least some of the work for you automatically. There are several plugins that will automatically optimize your image files as you upload them. They’ll even optimize images that you’ve already uploaded. This is a handy feature – especially if you already have a website filled with images. Here’s a look at some of the best plugins to format your images for better performance.

It is important though that you don’t solely rely on the plugins themselves. For example, you shouldn’t be uploading 2 MB images to your WordPress media library. This can result in eating up your web hosts disk space really fast. The best method is to quickly resize the image in a photo editing tool beforehand, and then upload it and use one of the following plugins to reduce it further.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer
EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud
Optimus Image Optimizer
WP Smush

What Are The Most Important Meta Tags For SEO in 2019?

For the purposes of this ‘beginners guide to meta tags’,
I focus on the three meta tags I am asked about the most:

1.description (optional, potentially import and used by Google sometimes).
2.keywords (optional, ignored by Google)
3.robots (optional, used by Google).

Meta Description:

The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page. Search engines such as Google often display the meta description—typically up to 160 characters long—in search results where they can highly influence user click-through rates.

For suitable meta description you can follow that rule:

1.keyword : Use your main keyword.
2.Length of description (120-1300 charaters) : It must meaningful and point your service .
3.Use simple and easy language: This type of language that everyone can read and understand .
4.Unique meta description: when you write it follow your related other site for check they already use this type of meta description or not.
5.Avoid keyword stuffing:Do not use one type of word too much.

URL Optimization:

For some, a URL is just a unique finger print that holds the unique location of a web page on the internet. To an SEO expert, it holds much more information than a web page’s location. It provides informative signals that help search engines understand the content of a page, it’s purpose, and it’s target market. Like all signals, some can be weak, some can be strong, and some signals can even be missing. Below are the 10 most important signals that major search engines detect from URLs when determining the page’s content, who the target market is, and how high to rank the page in the search results. Make your site in rank you must do properly your URL on page seo .

1.Include the Exact Target Keyword.

Try your best to include your primary keyword in your URLs. Even if in most cases it can’t be done on your homepage, focus on integrating your target keyword related to your product or category pages.
Great URL:
Bad URL:

2.301 Redirect Broken URLs

3.Upload a Favicon

4.Use Canonical URLs

5.Add Mobile URLs to a Sitemap

6.Block Bad URLs with Robots.txt

7.Top Content in Top Folder

8.No Capital Letters

You better have a great excuse to use capital letters in a URL. Capital letters just confuse everybody, including people and search engines. Adding capital letters, in a way, encrypts your URL by making it exponentially hard to remember. 
example : its different url than

9.Use Hyphens, Not Underscores or any thing else
Correct URL:
Incorrect URL:

10.URLs Must be 100% Readable
Correct URL:
Incorrect URL:

for complete your on-page-seo you must create your url properly

Why are h1, h2 and h3 header tags important for SEO?

Header tags are an important on-page SEO factor because they’re used to communicate to the search engines what your website is about. Search engines recognize the copy in your header tags as more important than the rest. This starts with your h1 and works its way down in importance to the h2, h3 and so on.  These tags will help support the overall theme or purpose of your on page seo .

You can’t, however, just throw in whatever content you want into these headers. It’s important to utilize your header tags with short-tail and long-tail keywords. As search engines crawl your site, they will pick up on the headers and recognize the keywords you are using as important.

For good h1, h2, h3 you can follow that :

Should only have 1 H1 per page… ideally containing the target keyword. If
this were a blog post, your H1 would be your article title.

H2 would be used more for subheadings, i.e. if you split your article up into
sections with subheadings, each should be an H2

H3-H6 are just sub-sub headings, etc.

Overall, I believe H1 (and perhaps to an even lesser extent H2) has any SEO
value – even though it is very minute since it’s easily gamed.

In this article you can get knowledge about on page seo . If you follow all of this your site must rank at search engine so first . If you want to know anything about on page seo more comment here i will provide support .

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